What To Expect In a Couples Session

Starting couples therapy might be a little nerve wracking, and you may want to know what to expect in your first session... and sessions going forward. We're happy to fill you in so you can feel more prepared !

Your First Session ❤️

  • After your have signed into your zoom session, you will meet your new therapist ! 👋
  • At the beginning of session, there will be brief introductions and your therapist will go over informed consent with you so that you understand your rights as a client in couples therapy.
  • In your first session, therapists are big on spending time getting to know all about you as individuals and as a couple. Your therapist might have many questions about your history as an individual and as a couple (This is normal! It's to help the therapist get a clear picture of what your dynamic is like with your partner and what life looks like for you both).
  • It is also common for therapists to use assessment tools in the first session to gather more useful information to provide you with a high-quality therapeutic experience. This might look like a questionnaire they have you fill out, or a series of questions that you might answer.
  • It's normal in your first session to briefly touch on goals you might have in couples therapy or pain points that you may be experiencing in your relationship. Typically, in a first session therapists won't unpack everything because they want to equip you with tools and support first. You can expect to get more in depth about these topics in following sessions. ✨
  • Your first session is a great one to ask your therapist questions about their style, logistics with scheduling, share worries you have about couples therapy, or share preferences you have in therapy. So, don't be shy!
  • At the end of your session, your therapist will schedule your next session with you. If you have any issues with scheduling, please reach out to us and we will help at: support@withours.com

Following Sessions 💕

  • In your following sessions, you can expect to get more detailed about goal setting and communication dynamics. This is where you really dig in with your therapist to unpack the things you want to work on with your partner.
  • You can also expect your therapist to teach you coping skills, give you "homework" (it's the fun kind, we swear!), and share additional tools and resources with you that will help you in between sessions.
  • Your therapist is a professional at mediating. You can trust that if you are discussing touchy topics in session, your therapist will step in and help you regulate if the conversation gets too heated or move forward if you are feeling stuck.
  • You can also expect to discuss progress you have been making in and out of session. Those are great wins worth sharing and celebrating! 🥳

🤔 Have questions? Reach out to us at: support@withours.com